Boss Kills

Garothi Worldbreaker Down!

Our journey has started again. We’ve entered Antorus, the Burning Throne and the first boss lay dead before us.

The Desolate Host Down!

We are now 5/9! Now we’re on to the cock block. RIP– see you next raid tier lol

Sisters of the Moon Down!

Sisters of the Moon has been killed! Next up is The Desolate Host.

Demonic Inquisition Down!

We now have 3 down in this Tomb of suffering, good job everyone and welcome to all the new members.

Harjatan Down!

Here we are again, slaying beasts left and right, Harjatan has been killed!

Goroth Down!

We now have stepped foot into the great Mythic Tomb and have achieved our first victory. Congratulations to all.

Kil’jaeden Down!

The beast is down!!!! Time for to step into Mythic mode and kick some ass.

Spellblade Aluriel Down!

We did it! The bitch is dead.